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Oban Sea Kayak Race

Oban Sea Kayak Race - 20km of sheer fun

Oban Sea Kayak Race - 20km of sheer fun

Lismore Kayak Challenge: Ganavan to Lismore Light and backThe Lismore Kayak Challenge

For technical reasons, this year's Challenge has been postponed.

Check back here for a revised date. The rescheduling does not affect the 2017 Oban Sea Kayak, which will take place as planned on Saturday 26th August 2017.

2016 Oban Sea Kayak Race results

The 2016 Oban Sea Kayak Race took place in totally calm warm conditions, which was in total contrast to the conditions experienced in the 2015 Race.

A total of 47 racers took part in the event, which included Ocean Surf Skis, Racing Kayaks, Touring Kayaks and a Double Kayak. The entries came from far and wide, including a team of three Ladies from Chicago, a surf skier from Spain and as far South as Devon and Cornwall.

The overall winner was Mark Ressel from Devon who was defending his course record time and title from 2015 and who went on to break his own record time by three and a half minutes in a time of 1:36:16. Calum Urquhart from Inverness, a two times winner of the title came second, with his club-mate Douglas Wilby coming in third. Oban's Patrick Winterton came in Fourth place.

Another course record was broken on Saturday, by Lizelle Kemp in a Surf Ski winning as Ladies Champion in a time of 1:56:01. With the increase in popularity of Surf Skis, we are now seeing a revival of a strong racing sea sport taking shape in the UK. But in order to progress and build upon this revival, we must keep the interest at grass roots level and maintain a healthy interest in Sea Kayaking. That's why this year we have introduced more categories into the event, which will help to acknowledge the different types of Kayak available for each event around the UK and hopefully bring more people into our sport.

The Organising Team would like to thank everyone who made the journey to Oban and for making this years event so successful. Here are the official Race times for this years event.

Race No Name Gender Category Time to Finish Corrections Overall Time Boat
12 Mark Ressel M Ski 01:36:16 01:36:16 Epic V10
17 Calum Urquhart M Senior Ski 01:46:15 01:46:15 Epic V10
30 Douglas Wilby M Ski 01:46:17 01:46:17 Epic V10 sport
46 Patrick Winterton M Senior Ski 01:48:19 01:48:19 Epic Ski
31 Brian Turnbull M Senior Ski 01:48:50 01:48:50 Epic V10 S
13 Kevin Locke M Senior Ski 01:49:42 01:49:42 NK Storm ski
29 Gilbert Speirs M Senior Ski 01:52:17 01:52:17 Epic V10 l
32 Kevin Ramsay M Ski 01:53:48 01:53:48 KN Squall Ski
26 Kenny Fraser M Senior Ski 01:54:18 01:54:18 Stealth ski
20 Neil Turnbull M Race 01:55:37 01:55:37 Rockpool Taran 18
5 Lizelle Kemp F Ski 01:56:01 01:56:01 Think Evo II ski
39 Michael Yeomans / Alastair Hornsby M Senior Double 01:56:42 01:56:42 Sipre Svalbard double
19 Peter Kelly M Race 02:00:26 02:00:26 Nelo Sea Vanquish
37 Duncan Blyth M Senior Race 02:00:40 02:00:40 Kayakpro Vampire
6 Paul Hill M Ski 02:04:32 02:04:32 Epic V8 ski
1 Malcolm Stubbs M Senior Ski 02:04:36 02:04:36 Epic V8 ski
10 Alan Hunter M Senior Race 02:04:53 02:04:53 Rockpool Taran 18
33 John Bunyan M Senior Race 02:06:15 02:06:15 Epic 18
2 Steven Whipp M Senior Race 02:07:50 02:07:50 Fyne Boats Pax 20
36 Duncan Davey M Tour 02:08:03 02:08:03 Valley Etain
45 Stephen Patterson M Senior Tour 02:12:29 02:12:29 Zegul Sea
11 Stuart Roberts M Senior Tour 02:12:56 02:12:56 Wilderness Tempest 180
8 Roswitha Wagenknecht F Senior Race 02:13:32 02:13:32 Rockpool Taran
3 Mark Peters M Senior Ski 02:14:50 02:14:50 Galea OC1 outrigger
34 Abraham Gonzalez M Ski 02:16:21 02:16:21 Epic V7
35 Dave Girling M Tour 02:16:22 02:16:22 Valley Etain 17.5
9 Glen Parry M Senior Ski 02:17:47 02:17:47 Epic V8 ski
23 Alison Galloway F Tour 02:18:15 02:18:15 Valley Etain
14 Simon Turnbull M Senior Tour 02:18:48 02:18:48 Valley Etain 17-7
18 Ross Urquhart M Tour 02:19:13 02:19:13 P&H Sirius
25 Stuart Nicolson M Ski 02:20:35 02:20:35 Epic V8 ski
24 Ross Boardman M Tour 02:20:55 02:20:55 P&H Cetus MV
21 Neil McLachlan M Senior Tour 02:21:13 02:21:13 Tahe Marine
7 Susan Smith F Senior Tour 02:26:31 02:26:31 Tiderace Xplore
4 Joan Lamb F Senior Tour 02:30:09 02:30:09 Valley Avocet LV
22 Rowland Woollven M Senior Race 02:30:16 02:30:16 Tiderace pace 17
27 Phil Sykes M Tour 02:30:30 02:30:30 Northshore Ocean 17
16 Adam Richards M Tour 02:30:45 02:30:45 NDK Explorer
38 Gus Brydon M Senior Tour 02:34:42 02:34:42 NDK Explorer
40 Jane Hornsby F Senior Tour 02:37:09 02:37:09 Serene Beauty
28 Sharon Morris F Tour 02:51:11 00:03:18 02:47:53 Tahe Marine
41 Matt Williams M Tour 02:51:09 02:51:09 P&H Aries
44 Bonnie Anne Perry F Senior Tour 03:00:38 03:00:38 Valley Nordcap Forti
43 Margaret Bryne F Senior Tour 03:00:38 03:00:38 Valley Sirona
42 Pamela Palmenteeq F Senior Tour 03:00:38 03:00:38 Northshore Atlantic
15 John Forteith M Tour 03:09:21 03:09:21 Wilderness Tempest 170
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