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2019 Oban Sea Kayak Race results

A total of 49 racers took part in the event, which included Ocean Surf Skis, Racing Kayaks, Touring and Double Kayaks with entries again coming from far and wide.

First man in was Dougal Glaisher from Somerset in a time of 1:37:27; first woman home was (again) Lizelle Kemp in a time of 01:50:44 (beating her own record breaking run - again(!) - from last year).

The Organising Team would like to thank everyone who made the journey to Oban and for making this years event so successful. Here are the official Race times for this years event.

Name  Gender Category Overall Time Boat
Dougal Glaisher M Ski 01:37:27 Epic V12
Robert Lang M Senior Ski 01:43:44 Carbonolog surf ski
Duncan Capps M Senior Ski 01:43:52 Knysna Genuis
Michael Surmon M Ski 01:44:34 Think Evo II ski
Calum Urquhart M Senior Ski 01:45:54 Epic V10
Kevin Ramsay M Ski 01:47:07 Think Evo ski
Mike Wild M Ski 01:50:41 Think Evo 11
Lizelle Kemp F Senior Ski 01:50:44 Think Uno ski
Giles Heffer M Ski 01:50:58 Think Evo 2
Kevin Mussell M Senior Ski 01:52:22 Think Ion ski
Kenny Fraser M Senior Ski 01:52:25 Think Evo ski
Gilbert Speirs M Senior Ski 01:54:06 Think Evo III
Ross Urquhart M Ski 01:54:42 Think Evo ski
Les Kirkpatrick M Senior Race 01:56:57 Rockpool Taran
Alistair Hornsby / Kyle Campbell M Double 01:57:28 Fyne boat 
Mick Berwick M Senior Race 01:58:01 Rockpool Taran
Alan Hunter M Senior Ski 01:59:28 Revo R3 ski
Colin Calder M Senior Ski 02:01:07 Fenn XT Surf ski
Steve Gynn M Senior Ski 02:04:50 Epic V8 ski
Mark Peters / Adam Richards Double 02:05:06 Neo Waterman
Mark Williams M Senior Ski 02:05:09 Revo R3 ski
Luke Furze M Ski 02:05:51 North Shore Atlantic
Jim Wallis M Race 02:06:34 Rockpool Taran
Stuart Marshall M Senior Race 02:07:53 Tiderace Pace Tour 17
Duncan Blyth M Senior Ski 02:08:58 Carbonolog Y Zest
Duncan Davey M Tour 02:10:12 Valley Etain 17-7
John Bunyan M Senior Race 02:11:30 Epic 18
Anita Stacy F Senior Ski 02:12:00 Stella S18S ski
Steven Whipp M Senior Race 02:12:57 Fyne Boats Pax 20
Gordon Milne M Senior Race 02:13:54 Taran
Toby Flack M Ski 02:15:04 Epic V7
Ben Beachell M Tour 02:18:24 Northshore Atlantic 
Tina Misselbrook F Ski 02:18:28 Carbonolog Cruze
Suzanne Connelly Ski 02:20:38 Carbonolog Cruze
Andy Trafford / Leonie Palmer Double 02:21:07
Roswitha Wagenknecht F Senior Tour 02:22:11 Nordcapp LV
Robert Taylor M Senior Tour 02:24:39 Valley Etain 17-7
Susan Smith F Senior Tour 02:27:36 Tiderace Xplore
Martin Hadlington  M Senior Race 02:28:43 Seatrek
Anne Thomson F Senior Tour 02:32:32 Valley Sirona
Susan Low  F Tour 02:33:49 Northshore Atlantic 
Stuart Nicolson M Ski 02:37:53 Knysna RS ski
Gus Brydon M Senior Tour 02:41:00 P&H Cetus
Paula Sharples F Senior Team 02:46:15 Rockpool Alaw Bach
Alan Blackburn M Senior Tour 02:46:15 Rockpool Alaw Bach
Peter Roscoe M Senior Tour 02:46:15 Rockpool Alaw Bach
Jane Hornsby F Senior Race 02:47:29 Rockpool Tarantella
Anie Stoddart F Senior Tour 02:49:20 Carbonolgy Cruz
Malcolm Stubbs M Senior Ski Retired Epic V10 ski
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